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Article: Bikinis made from sustainable fabrics — a step in the right direction.

Bikinis aus nachhaltigen Stoffen — Ein Schritt in die richtige Richtung. - Palmar Swimwear

Bikinis made from sustainable fabrics — a step in the right direction.

Our earth's resources are limited. In order to continue to experience them in their simple beauty, we urgently need to find new ways to protect them. For our Sustainable Bikinis we rely on ECONYL® — a certified fiber made from 100% recycled nylon. It comes, for example, from nylon leftovers from abandoned fishing nets and industrial waste. The nets in particular pose a serious threat to the inhabitants of our oceans: more than 25,000 nets are lost every year, causing animals to die in agony if they become entangled in them or eat parts. But this can be changed to our advantage and above all to protect the oceans. Once fished out of the seas, the fishing net nylon can start a new life as a recycled product. By using ECONYL® recycled yarn, our seas become cleaner and waste is recycled. 

Our greatest inspiration is the beauty of the Mediterranean: we want to reflect its simplicity and distinctive character in our stylish products. So it goes without saying that its preservation is very important to us. To give a little bit back to all our seas, we have developed a line of bikinis made from ECONYL® recycled nylon yarn. The bikinis in our regenerated line are made from 78% ECONYL® recycled nylon. The fabric of the bikinis is matte, feels comfortable against the skin and just feels like what it is — natural. In our plain colors, the design of the bikinis looks classy and unobtrusive at the same time. The best conditions to simply feel good. 

In addition to the sustainable yarn, the bikinis also consist of 22% high-quality X-tra Life elastane. We owe this to the unique stretch of the PALMAR bikinis. The high-quality fiber adapts perfectly to the female form and provides the necessary support. Our print bikinis are also made from 78% regenerated polyester, which is made from recycled PET bottles. 

We are currently still looking for a sustainable alternative for our ribbed bikinis and are constantly working on making our collection and our everyday lives more sustainable. Read more about our everyday life at Palmar Swimwear and how we align our business model with sustainability. 

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