Enjoy European Summer, because we believe that summer nowhere feels as real and carefree as it does in between the beaches, little villages and cliffs of the Mediterranean.
Simplicity, style, pure and genuine – this is our PALMAR Swimwear Collection. Our looks convince as easy to wear, down to earth Swimwear without lack in femininity or sophistication.. As pure and refreshing as a swim in the cool, crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea early in the morning, because we all know how good that feels. 
If you wear PALMAR Swimwear Bikinis, you know what counts: Having fun, feeling good and enjoying the lightness of being. 
Our swimwear is designed in Switzerland and manufactured in collaboration with trustful and experienced producers overseas. Our fabrics and colors are carefully selected and personally tested. Our colors as well as our styles can all be combined with each other to create an unique and personal look.