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Article: Cozy Ribbed Collection - Girls behind each Color

Palmar Swimwear Blogpost Bikini weiss mit Blumen

Cozy Ribbed Collection - Girls behind each Color

For our Cozy Ribbed Collection we worked together with some of our favorites Girls we collaborated with in 2019. Not only did each of these stunning women help us grow, they also fell truly in love with our Bikinis - everybody's favorite was the Erin Ribbed in Orange !
As we planned the Cozy Ribbed Collection we once more put our heads together with each of them and discussed possible shades for this cozy winter collection. Soon, we ended up with a set of 4 new colors, all ultimately fashionable and persuasive for winter season 19/20.
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Vivienne's Color Pick - Lavender
 As one of our long time Palmar Girls, Vivienne was part of our Brand since the beginning. Her support goes far beyond being the lovely ever smiling girl in our Campaign Pictures. She decided for a soft, warm and girly color that reminds us of a field full of new blooming lavender in the Provence. Spring is basically just around the corner.  Vivienne @vivienne.oesch

Anja's Color Pick - White
Anja is a Erin Bikini Lover from the very first moment. Wearing the Orange Erin in nearly every occasion, she soon gave us the hint for doing this look in white ribbed as well. And here it is, her iconic white looks are now complemented by our Erin White in Ribbed.
Chantal's Color Pick - Petrol
Chantal from @shantarantel is a Bern based influencer traveling the world with her boyfriend creating stunning content. Her favorite destination is Bali, thats why she decided to go for this natural, deep and calm color.
Delaia's Color Pick - Cobalt
Our Founder and Creative Mind behind Palmar Swimwear gave her vote for the new Collection to a bright and strong Blue. Cobalt Blue is a rich color that brings every skin to glow. Especially for blue eyed girls, this color will make your look pop.

Story Behind

Our Erin in Orange Ribbed was launched in the very first Palmar Collection for Spring Summer 2019. After the first few days, there was already a significant increase in requests for this look and girls in all parts of Switzerland started to fall in love with this flattering Bikini made of a super soft ribbed fabric in bright and shiny orange.
After also some major influencers got the taste for it, this look has been sold out already several weeks after launch in May 2019.
Many customers asked for reorders, however due to the fact that this look was made of limited stock fabric, it was not possible to produce more of this iconic look.
In fall 2019 we got announced that there will be 10 colors produced to stock, we decided to create a whole new collection with 4 fresh and trending colors of this Bestselling Look.

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