Palmar Swimwear for Nasty Magazin

Pale Fire

A Story photographed by Marco Giuliano

Infinite foretime and infinite aftertime: celebrating the lightness of being because summer nowhere feels as real as in our blazing hearts. A story shot by Marco Giuliano and styled by Anca Macavei featuring a selection of dreamy beachwear by Palmar Swimwear, the sustainable swimwear brand based in Switzerland.


Blue bikini with Girl and Lemons Palmar Swimwear for Nasty Magazin Milano Bikini Bademode Schweiz Girl in Palmar Bikini gepunktet feminin Palmar Bademode Schweiz MilanoGirl in rosa Bikini Schweiz Bademode feminin weiblich sinnlich Frau rotes Bikini Schweiz Milano MagazinGirl Bikini dotted Schweiz mit Rosa Blume

Girl im Bikini zart im Bett mit Buch und Blume


Photography: Marco Giuliano / @marcogiulianoph
Styling: Anca Macavei / @ancamacavei
Fashion: Palmar Swimwear / @palmar_swimwear
Militsa at Brave Models / @militsa_borisova @bravemodels
Adrianna at Urban Milan / @adriannawitkowska @urbnmilan